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New York City Sidewalk Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian Guide: Sidewalk Accident Lawyers in New York City Most people are taught from a young age to walk on the sidewalk because it will keep them safe from accidents or injuries, but this isn’t always the case. There are serious sidewalk accidents that occur on the streets of New York City, some of which … Read more

How Cheap Channelizer Posts Turned NYC’s Bike and Pedestrian Lanes into Safety Hazards

New York City, like other cities, is increasingly pushing for traffic changes that accommodate for more pedestrians and cyclists. What most don’t realize is that these changes are being made so cheaply, that they leave the streets more of a hazard for pedestrians than before. We’ve all seen it, those yellow or white posts that … Read more

Win The Case At Intake

Personal injury lawyers are tasked with utilizing proper legal processes and methodologies to help clients recover for their injuries. The means by which personal injury firms facilitate client’s recovery is by establishing liability for injuries based on what’s stated in the state law and proving negligence on behalf of those liable for the injuries. According … Read more

What Can I Do if a Large National Law Firm Rejects My Case? The Local Lawyer Dilemma

law firm rejected cases

Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of case files make their way into representation of the most highly advertised and highly funded injury law firms. These are law firms you’ve heard of; ones with catchy jingles, posters, and adverts that aim to meet as many eyes as possible. For this reason, when individuals sustain injury, … Read more

New York Ceiling Collapse Lawyers – Your Guide to Recovery

ceiling collapse lawyers

New York is a city widely known for the beauty and grandeur of its skyline. However, behind the magnificent display lies a threat many New Yorkers are unaware of: ceiling collapses. When the ceiling collapses in an apartment, workspace, restaurant, or other indoor location, serious injury is an unfortunate common result. In our evaluation of … Read more

What Laws Protect New York’s Construction Workers?

NY Labor Laws

New York City is known for its massive construction projects, whether they be to house the millions of people that call New York City home, provide office and retail spaces for businesses, or facilitate needed gathering places. Nearly 200,000 New York City residents work in construction and risk their lives to make our city a … Read more

How Lifeguard Shortages Spell Disaster for NYC Residents – What to watch out for in Summer 2023

lifeguard shortage

As summer approaches, NYC officials are still struggling to hire enough lifeguards to cover all posts in the city. What many don’t realize is that this issue has ruined the plans of New Yorkers before, and it could happen again if these posts aren’t filled. Earlier this week, NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue confirmed the … Read more

A Historical Overlook of Camp Lejeune

American soldiers going through drills at a military base

As the second-largest Marine Corps base in the United States, Camp Lejeune has had a notorious history unlike any other military training facility to date. From its early days as a WWII training point to its 30-plus-year water contamination crisis, the historical timeline of the military base has affected countless veterans and civilians — leaving … Read more

Who Is Liable in Apartment Building Accidents?

If you've been in an accdient hire the personal injury attonreys in New York, NY at Leav & Steinberg LLP

Good landlords go the extra mile to ensure the safety of all their tenants, whether that be in their individual units or outside in the common areas. Unfortunately, however, not all residential property owners keep a consistent pulse on the security of their grounds. When apartment accidents occur and result in personal injury, it can … Read more

Leav & Steinberg LLP Is Representing a Family Against CLEI Furniture and Others After a Tragic Accident

A tragic furniture accident led to a woman being paralyzed from the neck down. Leav & Steinberg in New York can help.

As our firm has worked tirelessly over the last 24 years to help those seriously injured in accidents, all our cases are “moving” and “impactful.” Sometimes, however, a case has just a certain set of facts that make our work all the more important. Inside the Personal Injury Case Leav & Steinberg, LLP has been … Read more