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If you have been injured in an accident that resulted from a defective car part or design, you may have an automobile product liability case. Our team of lawyers at Leav & Steinberg LLP has extensive experience with such cases, and we are prepared to defend your rights as a consumer.

What Is Automobile Product Liability?

While it’s true that many automobile accidents occur due to some degree of recklessness or negligence on the part of drivers, some accidents are the direct result of faulty car parts or designs. When a critical feature of a vehicle malfunctions or fails, it can cause the driver to lose control, crash, or become injured in some other way. Unfortunately, almost any piece of a car can be defective and cause harm, from the nuts and bolts holding it together to its tires, airbags, steering mechanisms, and brakes. Automobile product liability cases are important because they hold negligent manufacturers accountable and provide due compensation to injured drivers and passengers.

Laws Covering Automobile Product Liability

In New York, “strict liability” laws allow consumers to file claims against negligent car manufacturers, designers, and even distributors in the event of injuries due to defective parts without having to prove that they failed to adequately keep its customers safe. However, since defects and malfunctions can occur at any time during the designing, manufacturing, and distributing of automobiles, it’s often difficult to determine exactly who is to blame for injuries sustained. To make matters more complicated, sometimes there are two or more parties at fault. For example, if a faulty screw causes steering problems, the parts company that manufactured the screw could be liable alongside the automobile company itself.

If you believe you have an automobile product liability case, you’ll need to be able to prove three things in order to meet strict liability laws: one, that the defects in question were “unreasonably dangerous;” two, that you were operating the vehicle reasonably when the injuries were sustained; and three, that you did not make extensive alterations or improvements to the vehicle prior to the accident. Once our team of attorneys takes on your case, we’ll assemble the evidence, including police reports, photographs of vehicle damage and injuries, medical documents, expert testimony, and information from witnesses.

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