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Negligence of Organization and Public Authorities in New York

At Leav & Steinberg LLP, we are dedicated to helping our clients receive fair compensation for their personal injuries. This includes those who have been injured due to the negligence of a governmental organization or public authority. Whether your case involves settling out of court or going to trial, we have the resources necessary to properly assist you.

What Happens If I Experience a Personal Injury at a Public Municipality?

If you are injured at a public municipality, depending on your claim, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the government. The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) allows you to file a personal injury lawsuit against the federal government, while Article II: Section 8 of the Court of Claims Act allows you to file a claim against the state of New York. Slip and fall accidents, train accidents, and police misconduct incidents are just a few examples of eligible cases.

Before officially filing a claim, you must be able to prove the negligence of the government entity or employee. You must also be able to prove that the negligence was the main or sole cause of your accident. Photographs and witness statements are helpful supporting evidence. We can help you build and sort through your evidence to develop your case.

What Types of Public Municipalities Could Be Liable?

Government officials are responsible for ensuring the safety of those who visit or enter into public properties. These public properties include:

  • Streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Public parks
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • Highways
  • Public transportation

Some of the municipalities and public properties, specific to the city of New York include The New York Department of Parks and Recreation, Long Island Rail Road, New York City Police Department, New York City Housing Authority, and the New York City Department of Education.

How to File a Notice of Claim Against a Public Authority or Municipality

Unlike normal personal injury lawsuits, when you file a suit against a municipality, the steps, rules, and deadlines tend to be more rigid. Your notice of claim must include:

  • The names of all the plaintiffs or claimants
  • The place of residence of all the claimants
  • The date and time of the occurrence of the injury or accident
  • The amount of award you seek for damages
  • An outline of how the incident transpired

For your claim to be valid, you must file your claim within 90 days of the accident. Leav & Steinberg offers a team of compassionate lawyers who have built robust personal injury cases due to the negligence of public authorities. We’re ready to take on your case, so give us a call at 212-766-5222 to request your free consultation. You can also complete our online contact form.