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Win The Case At Intake

Personal injury lawyers are tasked with utilizing proper legal processes and methodologies to help clients recover for their injuries. The means by which personal injury firms facilitate client’s recovery is by establishing liability for injuries based on what’s stated in the state law and proving negligence on behalf of those liable for the injuries. According … Read more

How International Companies Are Liable for Their Products in the U.S.

defective product

If you buy goods produced abroad and they were somehow defective and caused you injury, should you be able to recover for your injuries? International manufacturing companies don’t think so. They want access to our markets without being held responsible for the damage they are causing to consumers here in the United States. This has … Read more

What Laws Protect New York’s Construction Workers?

NY Labor Laws

New York City is known for its massive construction projects, whether they be to house the millions of people that call New York City home, provide office and retail spaces for businesses, or facilitate needed gathering places. Nearly 200,000 New York City residents work in construction and risk their lives to make our city a … Read more

Understanding Bad Faith Laws in New York: Protect Your Rights in Personal Injury Claims

bad faith laws

When an insurance company is responsible for settling a claim, it will often attempt to limit the amount that it must pay out. Insurance policies are promises that the company makes to the insured, and when that promise is broken, the insurance company is considered to be acting in “bad faith.” Understanding bad faith will … Read more

How Lifeguard Shortages Spell Disaster for NYC Residents – What to watch out for in Summer 2023

lifeguard shortage

As summer approaches, NYC officials are still struggling to hire enough lifeguards to cover all posts in the city. What many don’t realize is that this issue has ruined the plans of New Yorkers before, and it could happen again if these posts aren’t filled. Earlier this week, NYC Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue confirmed the … Read more