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At Leav & Steinberg LLP, we utilize our decades of trial and settlement experience to represent clients facing negligence of organization cases. We proudly serve residents throughout the New York City area, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

New York Negligence of Organization Lawyers

Government and municipal officials owe a duty to the public to not commit illegal acts and to carry out their duties with reasonable care. Some, but not all government and municipal officials, are immune from liability. As an example, although police officers generally cannot be sued for failure to protect an individual, they can sometimes be subjected to liability if a special relationship was created under the law. Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, prosecutors, and correctional officers operate under similar rules. Although the Administrative Law shifted liability for many sidewalk defects away from the city and to the abutting landowner, the city retained a duty to keep streets and certain sidewalks safe for those who traverse them on foot and in vehicles. Our attorneys are equipped to represent you when these duties are breached.

Negligence of organization cases may include the following:

  • The failure to properly maintain city sidewalks
  • City park hazards
  • Faulty maintenance or construction of public structures, including monuments
  • Not providing sufficient police protection
  • Improper operation or maintenance of city equipment

Examples of organizations that may qualify for negligence of organization cases include the following:

  • Transit authorities
  • Police officials
  • Schools
  • Buses for safe drop-offs

Negligence of Organization: Federal

Our federal negligence lawyers can help you file a claim and sue the federal government. Under the Federal Torts Claim Act, only federal employees can be sued—not independent contractors hired by the federal government. There are several instances in which the federal government can be sued for negligence for personal injuries, wrongful death, and property damage. The breakdown of the claims process will involve the following:

  • The claim must be filed within two years of the incident
  • Documenting the facts of the claim and resulting damages
  • The federal agency has six months to respond to the claim

Negligence of Organization: State

When the state or state-run agency breaches their duty of care, state parks, schools, courthouses, or libraries, our negligence lawyers can help you determine accountability and seek damages.

Negligence of Organization: Hospitals

In the event of medical malpractice or other forms of negligence on the part of a professional working in a hospital, the hospital can be sued for damages. Examples of negligence include:

  • Improper diagnosis or failure to diagnose
  • Failure to abide by proper procedures
  • Any errors made by hospital staff

Negligence of Organization: Police Officials

When a police officer violates an individual’s Constitutional rights, it’s important to seek legal counsel to understand appropriate courses of action. In order to maintain a case against the police for such an accident, it must be shown that the police were engaged in a protected action listed in the statute and that their conduct was not merely negligent but reckless when measured against the surrounding circumstances.

Negligence of Organization: Public Authorities

If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury at a Public Municipality, our negligence of organization lawyers can help determine who to hold liable. If you are injured at a public municipality, depending on your claim, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the government.

Negligence of Organization: Schools

A lawsuit can be filed when students are hurt as a direct result of inadequate supervision, negligence, or unsafe conditions. According to the law, a school has a duty to exercise the same degree of care towards its students as a reasonably prudent parent would. Schools are under a duty to adequately supervise the students in their charge, and they will be held liable for foreseeable injuries proximately related to the absence of adequate supervision.

Negligence of Organization: Transit Authorities

If you have suffered an injury while commuting via The New York City Transit Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s vehicles, our lawyers can help you file a transit claim.

Negligence of Organization: Whistleblower Litigation

Employees may fear retaliation following the discovery of their employer violating laws or regulations. There are various laws in place to protect whistleblowers, and a negligence lawyer can help navigate your options for legal protection.

Negligence of Organization: Wrongful Imprisonment

Wrongful imprisonment involves manipulation and pressure to be physically confined on business or organization premises. In order to have a case for unlawful imprisonment, it must be proved that:

  • The accused party was intending to confine the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff was aware that they were being confined
  • The plaintiff did not consent to the confinement
  • The confinement was not otherwise privileged

Negligence of Organization: Duty of a Bus Operator to Safely Drop Off Passengers

In New York, a common carrier’s duty of care to departing passengers includes dropping them off in a safe area. All passengers must have a safe, direct exit off the bus without the direct risk of experiencing an injury.

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