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L&S Retained to Represent Victim of the NYC Garage Collapse on Ann Street

Manhattan Garage Collapse — What you Need to Know Manhattan was shaken this week by the collapse of a large parking garage — here’s what you need to know: The Ann Street Garage has been the subject of scrutiny from city inspectors for decades. Nearly two decades ago, city inspectors cited the property owner for … Read more

Leav & Steinberg associate Ricardo Martinez resolves a case for $525,000 after a verdict on a slip and fall in Brooklyn-5x more than what was initially offered

Leav & Steinberg, LLP associate Ricardo Martinez took a verdict in Brooklyn for $525,000.00 for a woman who fell and fractured her wrist with surgery;

Two Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents Occur Within Hours of One Another in NYC-Attorney’s representing similarly injured people discuss the details

Two motor vehicle fatalities occurred in New York City recently. The effects on those injured and their loved one’s is enormous. A brief discussion of the facts.

Dangers at Camp-Injuries to campers can be avoided with using reasonable care

Camp injuries-many children are unreasonably exposed to danger and injured at camps due to negligence