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Leav & Steinberg associate Ricardo Martinez resolves a case for $525,000 after a verdict on a slip and fall in Brooklyn-5x more than what was initially offered

Leav & Steinberg, LLP is proud to announce that associate Ricardo Martinez took a verdict on December 4th, 2019 in the Supreme Court, Kings County.  We represented a middle-aged woman who fell on a wet floor in her lobby.  We alleged that the super of her building had been mopping and had removed all signs and warnings.  She landed on her non-dominant wrist and was in immediate pain.

We were retained immediately and were able to demand that the owner preserve the video showing the area in question before, during and after our accident.  This was critical because the EMS workers who came to her apartment after she was taken upstairs, made an error indicating she fell in the bathroom.  The video was critical proof to the contrary.

She underwent surgery and had follow up medical care.

The defendant argued that the area was already cleaned up, dry and in fact a bucket was right in view of the plaintiff as she walked by.

During the litigation, the defendant extended an offer of $100k.  While we continued to litigate the matter, the defendant increased the offer to $175k.  While most firms accept such an offer for a woman who was not working and had very little out of pocket medical expenses.  We did not want to accept this and thankfully the client allowed us to present the entire case to the jury.

After the liability verdict, the defendant agreed to pay $525,000.00 in full settlement.