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Dump Truck Involved in Fatal NYC Crash – The Same That Killed NYPD Crossing Guard Last Year

We announced earlier this week the devastating news that the same dump truck responsible for the 2023 death of an NYPD crossing guard was involved in yet another fatal crash.  

Police photos from the scenes of both accidents show the same dump truck having caused these crashes — which occurred less than seven months apart (pictures above). In October of last year, a beloved NYPD crossing guard, 63-year-old Krystyna Naprawa, was killed while directing traffic. 

Two weeks ago, a 58-year-old woman suffered the same unfortunate fate after the driver of this dump truck hit her after making an illegal right turn on red. 

As the New York truck accident attorneys representing the family of Ms. Krystyna Naprawa, we are outraged by the lack of accountability and due care by truck drivers. 

The recurrence of such an awful tragedy underscores the need for safer NYC streets that hold drivers accountable for the injuries they cause. 

Leav & Steinberg LLP will never stop fighting for the rights of pedestrians like Ms. Naprawa and the latest woman who has yet to be named. 

If you or a loved one has experienced injury caused by negligent drivers in New York, contact us any time to speak to an attorney who cares deeply about NY road safety and pedestrians’ rights to recover in the event of injury. 

H2: What Happened in This Latest Truck Accident? 

On Thursday, March 7, a 58-year-old woman was crossing Tilden Ave in Flatbush, Brooklyn when a dump truck made an illegal right on red and hit her (see video below). 

According to the New York Daily News [1] – The victim was using the crosswalk when the truck made an illegal right turn on red before hitting the woman and running her over. This same article mentions that the driver fled the scene before stopping a block away at the intersection of Tilden and Flatbush Ave. 

H2: Disturbing Pattern of Recklessness by Manolos Trucking

This accident was far from an isolated incident. Instead, it is the culmination of an extremely disturbing pattern of negligence on behalf of the company that owns the truck, Manolos Trucking. 

Just six months ago, the very same dump truck involved in this accident was also responsible for the death of Krystyna Naprawa, an on-duty NYC crossing guard. In the harrowing video captured by the New York Times, [2] the truck failed to yield to pedestrians and, unfortunately, cost this beloved city employee her life. 

Since 2018, Manolos Trucking’s dump truck, involved in both accidents, has been caught on camera several times running red lights and speeding. Shockingly, this dump truck is not an outlier in the company’s fleet. Seven additional vehicles owned by Manolos have amassed a staggering number of violations. 

H2: Auto Accident Attorneys in New York at Work

Leav & Steinberg LLP was retained by the family of Krystyna Naprawa in their fight for justice and relief following such a terrible loss. After taking the case, the attorneys at Leav & Steinberg meticulously documented the dump truck, scene, and evidence. 

In our analysis of the accident, we noticed a bug shield on the truck, which could have been responsible for impeding the driver’s view. Since our case against Manolos has started, Manolos Trucking has removed the bug shield, but unfortunately, has failed to take responsibility for training its drivers or taking precautions on NYC streets. 

After such a profound display of negligence, and such tragic consequences for so many New Yorkers, there is an urgent need for greater oversight and accountability within the New York City trucking industry. 

H2: Legal Action for Safer NYC Streets

As truck accident lawyers in New York, we are committed to advocating for victims of these devastating accidents. We know well that negligence by vehicle operators affects the millions that enjoy NYC streets each day and puts all those lives at risk of injury. 

The trucking accident attorneys at Leav & Steinberg will continue fighting for the family of Ms. Krystyna Naprawa and the many others who have been victims of driver negligence in New York. 

If you or a loved one has been injured by a truck in New York City, you would be well advised to consult an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Leav & Steinberg today for a free consultation to learn about your path to recovery. 


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