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L&S Retained to Represent Victim of the NYC Garage Collapse on Ann Street

Manhattan Garage Collapse — What you Need to Know Manhattan was shaken this week by the collapse of a large parking garage — here’s what you need to know: The Ann Street Garage has been the subject of scrutiny from city inspectors for decades. Nearly two decades ago, city inspectors cited the property owner for … Read more

How Are Damages Assessed in Personal Injury Cases?

Personal injury lawyers discussing damages with client in personal injury case NYC

Any number of situations can warrant a personal injury case – including car and transportation accidents, instances of negligence, product defects, and medical malpractice. While every case is different, New York law ensures that injured parties can seek monetary compensation to assist with medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and even non-economic losses, such as … Read more

14 year-old camper allowed to work in kitchen burned by boiling water: Leav & Steinberg recovers $685,000.00

14 year-old camper is allowed to work in the kitchen of a sleep away camp when he is burned on boiling corn. Camp tries to argue he is an employee and can not sue. Leav & Steinberg defeat this argument and recover $685,000.00 for his injuries.

Dangers at Camp-Injuries to campers can be avoided with using reasonable care

Camp injuries-many children are unreasonably exposed to danger and injured at camps due to negligence