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What to Know About New York Train Accidents

Train accidents often result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Research indicates that approximately 150 people every year get hit by moving trains, and at least 50 victims die. When a train accident occurs, the victims may find it necessary to sue the party at fault. Here is what you need to know about New York train accidents.

Common Types Of New York Train Accidents and Their CausesA subway train with the doors closed

Travelers using the New York City subway get exposed to risks and accident predisposing factors such as over speeding, braking failure, electrical malfunctions, intoxication malfunctioning subway equipment, and poor maintenance of trains. Additionally, sudden stops, operator negligence, and failure to label hazards may lead to fatal train accidents. While most train accidents occur due to the lack of preventive measures, some rare cases result from natural causes like storms and earthquakes. The most common forms of train accidents involve derailing, train collisions, and pedestrians getting hit by trains.

The Prevention of Train Accidents

The proper maintenance and servicing of trains and the installation of protective doors can reduce and prevent train accidents. The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA) has the primary role of preventing these accidents by ensuring all staff follow transport safety rules. Additionally, passengers should be vigilant of any labeled dangers and ensure that they do not stand close to the tracks.

Who Is at Fault In A New York Train Accident?

The National Transport and Safety Board, in conjunction with the MTA, have a duty to probe into any train accident to establish the exact cause. Determining the party at fault in a train accident enables victims to file a lawsuit against the party at fault for compensation. If the accident occurred due to an event that the MTA could have prevented but failed to, then they stand accountable for the damages. On the other hand, if a train accident occurred due to criminal activity or a natural calamity, then the MTA cannot compensate the victims of damages.

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