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Common Injuries Incurred by Construction Workers

Though there are many safety regulations in the construction industry, accidents still happen. Whether these are due to bad luck or negligence, the factors that caused an injury must be investigated and addressed. Here are a few of the most common injuries construction workers experience.


Two people on a construction site

As one of OSHA’s “fatal four,” falls are made up of two categories: surface-level and from a height. Falling is the number one cause of fatalities in construction. Areas without protective ledges, like roofs and scaffolding, pose the biggest threat to worker safety.

Object Collision

Object collision includes items that fall on, roll over, fly into, and hit workers on the job. Car crashes make up the majority of this sort of accident, but any collision can lead to severe injuries.


When workers regularly interact with live wires and electrical equipment, there’s a risk of being shocked. Because electrocutions can easily cause severe damage, there are stricter regulations for working with wires, generators, and power tools.


This refers to injuries caused by workers getting squeezed, crushed, pinched, or smashed between two objects. This type of accident usually involves heavy machinery or equipment. Collapsed structures and building materials also pose a similar risk to construction workers.

Sensory Injuries

The eyes and ears are already delicate, and many construction tasks put them in harm’s way. Loose particles, noisy machinery, and contact with harsh chemicals are just a few of the ways a worker’s ability to perceive the world around them can be adversely affected.

There are many safety guidelines that are intended to help prevent these types of injuries, but workers still get injured on construction sites too often. If you’ve been hurt on the job, the personal injury attorneys at Leav & Steinberg LLP can provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel. We have a track record of helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 212-766-5222.