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L&S Attorney Robert Rose Recovers Settlements Totaling $2.3 Million in 1 Week

Leav & Steinberg is thrilled to announce that Bronx personal injury attorney Robert Rose has secured settlements totaling over $2 million in just a single week. Three settlements that occurred between April 18th and April 22nd totaled $2.3 million for Leav & Steinberg clients. These results highlight Mr. Rose’s dedication to his clients and his commitment to delivering exceptional legal representation. 

In each of these three cases, Mr. Rose strategically declined the initial offers made at earlier mediations or settlement conferences. His steadfast approach led to subsequent mediations and settlement conferences where the matters were settled for significantly higher amounts than were offered previously. This approach underscores our firm’s commitment to not settling for less than full justice for our clients, demonstrating the effectiveness of our rigorous advocacy strategy.

Mr. Rose’s efforts have yielded outstanding outcomes, providing substantial relief and closure to the clients he represents. These results underscore Leav & Steinberg’s value of comprehensive legal representation and make Mr. Rose an invaluable asset to our team of New York attorneys and clients.

As you will see in the following settlements, a strategic approach to each case allows Leav & Steinberg to achieve remarkable results for our clients.

$1,500,000 Settlement for a Trip and Fall Incident in Midtown

In May 2016, our client, a man in his 60s, was walking lawfully in a crosswalk in Manhattan when he tripped and fell due to a cracked and uneven crosswalk. Our client sustained injuries, including a fracture to his foot and herniated discs in his spine.

Several years after this accident, in 2023, our client was forced to undergo spinal surgery. Mr. Rose and the Leav & Steinberg premises liability lawyers were able to demonstrate that this surgery was directly linked to his trip and fall accident. Upon review of records which were obtained via Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests and court-ordered discovery responses, we discovered and proved that the City of New York had “prior written notice” of this condition before our client’s accident and thus were responsible for our clients fall and resulting injuries. We refused to accept the earlier offers on this matter and reached this result after multiple judicial settlement conferences. 

Leav & Steinberg’s experience as sidewalk accident attorneys allowed us to ultimately secure a substantial settlement for our client.

$500,000 Settlement for Elevator Accident Resulting in Knee Injury

Our client, a woman in her mid-60s, suffered serious personal injury while riding a passenger elevator in Manhattan. Our client was leaving when, without warning, an operating failure caused the elevator to violently and uncontrollably descend several floors before coming to an abrupt stop. When the elevator doors opened, the cab was 5-6 inches below the main floor, causing our client to fall onto her knees while attempting to exit the elevator.

Due to the mis-leveling and operating failures by the elevator company and building responsible for maintaining the elevator, our client suffered serious injuries to her knees and lower back and ultimately required knee surgery years after the incident.

Mr. Rose’s persistent efforts on behalf of our client ensured significant compensation for the long-term impact of this injury. Premises liability lawyers like Mr. Rose are responsible for helping our clients seek substantial compensation for injuries like the one described here.

 $300,000 Federal Court Settlement for Head Injury

Our client experienced a traumatic incident when she tripped and fell due to a mis-leveled elevator in the Bronx. During the elevator accident, she struck her head and injured her knee, resulting in headaches, memory issues, and knee pain. This case was litigated in federal court and was vigorously handled by Mr. Rose and the Leav & Steinberg team.

Throughout the legal process, our Bronx attorneys undertook extensive discovery, including numerous depositions of medical experts, engineering experts, defendant employees, and non-parties. Our firm also successfully opposed a motion for summary judgment filed by the defendants.

As the case approached trial, the matter was settled during a pre-trial settlement conference. Earlier in the case, we had walked away from lower offers presented at settlement conferences, believing our client deserved more significant compensation. Our determination and persistent efforts ultimately led to a larger settlement, providing our client with the closure and justice she deserved.

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