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How Common Are Elevator Accidents?

If you’ve ever lived on the top floor of a 6-story walk-up, you know just how valuable elevators can be. As a city with thousands of high-rise buildings, New York City is home to over 71,000 elevators. People use these elevators every day to get to their offices, visit friends, and more. Unfortunately, people can get hurt if they’re on an elevator that isn’t working properly.

How Many People Get Hurt by Elevators?

A person pushing the L button in an elevator

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, elevators and escalators account for over 17,000 injuries each year across the country. Because elevators operate at much greater heights than escalators, they account for the vast majority of these injuries. Considering how often people use elevators, this is a relatively low number, which means elevators are usually safe as long as they’re maintained regularly.

Who Is Responsible for Maintaining Elevators?

In New York, the building owner or management company must ensure that its elevators are working properly. Regardless of any contracts with a maintenance company, it is ultimately the property owner’s fault if an elevator causes an injury due to a malfunction or any other issue. Elevators in New York City should be inspected twice each year for any potential problems. In 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Elevator Safety Act, which states that any contractor who works on an elevator must have a license issued by New York State. This bill goes into effect in 2022 and will help improve overall elevator safety.

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