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Leav & Steinberg Secures $320k for Dog Bite Victim

Leav & Steinberg is proud to announce a $320k settlement for a client who was seriously injured while working as a dog groomer. This case, which has been resolved, emphasizes our team’s ability to secure results greater than the maximum of all eligible insurance policies. Leav & Steinberg attorney Eric Love exemplified our dedication to all clients, and his team’s result is a testament to our exceptional abilities as a firm.

The case, which you can read about below, highlights the importance of choosing expert legal representation when you are involved in an accident. If you’ve been injured because of a dog bite in New York City contact us to speak with a Lawyer that can explain your right to compensation.

Case Background: Devastating Attack at Grooming Facility

On March 15th, 2019, our client was working as a groomer at a dog daycare and grooming facility in Brooklyn. It was around 10 am that day when he began attending to a customer’s King Corso. Our client went to pick up the dog to start grooming when he was suddenly and viciously attacked by the dog who bit down on our client’s ear. The dog attacked our client so aggressively that the incident caused a large portion of our client’s ear to come off.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 King Corso – Not the actual dog responsible for this accident.

This particular dog was known to the grooming service to have a history of aggressive behavior. To deal with such behavior, this dog grooming facility has a practice to acknowledge the aggressive tendencies of certain dogs in order to handle them properly and avoid injury. It was only after the incident that our attorneys uncovered the grooming facility’s knowledge that this dog tended to bite and snap when picked up.

The facility’s failure to share this knowledge with our client resulted in what was a tragic and severe accident. After the attack, our client was left with part of his right ear removed and required necessitating stitches, hyperbaric treatments, and multiple skin graft surgeries. Aside from causing significant physical pain, the attack left our client with a permanent deformity and a lasting scar on his right ear.

Leav & Steinberg’s Legal Process

Upon taking on the case, Leav & Steinberg’s accident attorneys gathered crucial evidence, including emails from the dog owner acknowledging the dog’s vicious tendencies. This evidence helped us establish the grooming facility’s negligence in properly informing our client of the present risks. Despite having an insurance policy limit of $300,000, our attorneys demanded more. The opposing counsel insisted that any demand over the policy limit would require outside counsel, but we stood our ground and demanded more for our client.

Where most personal injury firms would take the $300,000 and walk away, we continued negotiating. This persistence on behalf of L&S Attorney Eric Love and his support team paid off, bringing the total settlement to $320,000.

Commitment to Serving Injured Clients

This settlement not only recovered the full-tender of available insurance policies but included additional compensation directly from the defendant. Particularly, we pride ourselves on the additional value that our clients receive in cases like these when we push beyond initial settlement offers.

This case reaffirms our commitment to securing the best results for our clients and providing exceptional legal representation.

If you or a loved one has been injured by an aggressive animal bite, contact our experienced Animal Attack Lawyers in New York City who can help you understand your legal right to recover. Contact Us or call at (917) 983-7818 for a free expert premises liability consultation.