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Leav & Steinberg, LLP Recovers $260k for Teen Injured in Rear-End Accident

The Leav & Steinberg, LLP team prides itself on being able to secure meaningful financial settlements that allow our clients to live life after their accidents. Recently, our firm secured a $260,000 settlement for a young man whose life was profoundly impacted after his mother’s car was rear-ended by a negligent driver. 

Just a teenager at the time of the accident, our client has been extremely resilient and continued to live his life despite the lingering effects of his injuries. We’re glad to have worked with this young man and hope that this settlement provides relief to him and his family.

If you or a loved one has been injured while rear-ended, contact our New York car accident attorneys with a wealth of experience in cases of your type. 

Background of the Case

On April 28th, 2018, our client, then just a freshman in high school, was seated in the back seat of his family’s Toyota minivan. The van was full, with his mother driving, his father in the passenger seat, and his two sisters in the back seat with him. The family was on their way to a church service for their cousin’s communion when they stopped at a red light on East 70th Street and 3rd Avenue. 

It was only about 20 seconds after they stopped that a Mercedes SUV rear-ended them at high speed, failing to stop at the light. 

The impact was severe, causing our client to jolt forward and then back against his seat. Immediately after the impact, the extent of our client’s injuries was unknown. Only throughout the days, weeks, and eventual years following the injury would we be able to determine the full consequences of the accident. 

Damaged car

At the time of his injury, our client excelled as a student and student-athlete at his high school in New Jersey. He participated in baseball, basketball, swimming, and diving, both recreationally and competitively. Any major physical injury presented the risk of diminishing any enjoyment or competitive success our client could achieve from the sports and activities he so much enjoyed. 

The Extent of Injuries and Medical Diagnosis

In the days following the accident, our client experienced serious and persistent pain on the lower left side of his back. This pain prompted his visit to a pediatrician, who initially diagnosed his injuries as a lower-back strain and prescribed treatments, including Ibuprofen and rest.

In the days that followed, the intense pain did not subside, and our client returned to the pediatrician for a closer look. X-rays of our client’s back revealed a stress fracture on his spine at L4, which was confirmed by another specialist. 

After full consideration, our client’s injuries were as follows: 

  • Lumbar Stress Fracture
  • Traumatic Changes to L4/L5
  • Future Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery
  • Spondylolysis 
  • Muscle Spasm 
  • Lumbar Brace Applied 

The persistent, severe back pain would continue as our client played sports and tried to enjoy physical activity as he did before. Unfortunately, the intense pain made it difficult to continue living the active life our client lived up until the point of his injury. 

Continued Effects of Injury 

Our client’s injuries proved to be more severe and long-lasting than initially anticipated. He would be required to wear a back brace 24/7 for the years to follow, and due to his diagnosis of Spondylolysis, he will require spinal fusion surgery. Despite ongoing treatments, his condition has not fully resolved and continues to affect his quality of life and ability to engage in physical activities. 

Our Legal Process and Conclusion

This case highlights the importance of getting a comprehensive medical evaluation following an accident, even when injuries may appear minor. L&S attorney Eric Love advocated for our client by arguing that despite his continued effort to play sports, his injury was pervasive and limited his abilities to be as active as he was before. 

Our client is now in college and continues to be a successful student while staying active despite his accident six years ago. His resiliency inspires us all, and we wish him a smooth and full recovery. We are honored to have secured a settlement that will support our client’s lifestyle and any future medical expenses he may incur. 

If you or a loved one has experienced similar challenges or has been injured in a car accident, our firm is here to help. Request your free consultation to explore your options for recovery with our car accident lawyers in New York.