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How to Prepare for a Legal Consultation

A legal consultation can decide whether or not you’ll hire an attorney for a legal matter. Preparing adequately for your consultation helps your attorney quickly understand your issue and if you have a case. Here’s what you need to have in place before meeting your lawyer.

Gather All Documents Relevant to the Case

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Collect all relevant information about the case and bring copies of the following documents to your meeting. Those records can include:

  • Contracts: Find copies of the contentious contracts along with documents that explain those contracts.
  • Property deeds: Bring a copy of documents relating to the property, including deeds, for claims that involve a property dispute.
  • Employment records: For employment disputes, find all employment records, including the timesheets, employment contracts, and agreements.
  • Accident reports: Gather any reports that were created after the incident and injury. You should also include medical records and bills to explain the extent of your injury.

Discuss the Cost Implications

Your lawyer may ask about payment plans to have a clear picture of your financial situation. Get a written fee agreement of the agreed legal expenses and keep your file copy. Your attorney will base these arrangements on different factors, including hourly rates, flat fees, or contingency fees.

What Questions Can You Ask During the Consultation?

Legal consultations vary depending on the issue in question. Some questions ideal for various settings include those about your attorney’s qualifications and background. You could also ask about their legal strategy for your specific case and any similar previous cases they handled. From their answers, you can judge whether they’ll be a good fit for the legal issue.

Making the Most of the Consultation

Write down notes pertaining to your specific legal issue before the consultation. Remember to include any questions and relevant details to guide your attorney on the best course of action. Provide an honest account of the legal problem—including sensitive issues and desired compensation—to comprehensively help the attorney evaluate your case. Your lawyer is under obligation to keep your conversation private and only share information with your consent.

When preparing for your consultation at Leav & Steinberg LLP, know that our dedicated attorneys will work in your best interests. Our team serves clients throughout New York City in numerous personal injury practice areas, including car accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, and more. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.