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Court Proceedings During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The inside of a courtroom, representing the personal injury cases of Leav & Steinberg LLP in New York, NYWhen the coronavirus struck New York, making sure that we could help our clients after the shutdown was critical. Along with the local court system, we relied on ZOOM and other virtual platforms to offer legal services.

New Work Strategies

Before we could implement any changes and develop a plan, we had to speak with our staff and see how we could manage their workloads. One of the things we did was ask our lawyers and paralegals to create a plan each morning for maintaining a certain level of productivity. Then, they send an email every evening of the tasks they’ve completed. This strategy helps keep our staff accountable and responsive to the demands of assisting our clients.

We’ve worked with our staff to create flexible schedules that fit their availability. At the moment, some of our team members are coming to the office. We’ve also allowed staff members who have health concerns that put them or their loved ones at risk to work entirely from home.

Virtual Court Proceedings

In March and April, we witnessed many settlements from insurance carriers and other organizations that were involved in lawsuits. These companies were probably looking to clear their caseloads because everyone was unsure of when cases would return to the courthouse. Several municipal agencies in New York that we are currently litigating have, however, been very reluctant to move forward with proceedings.

Judges have scheduled hearings and mediations on ZOOM during this period, which enabled us to work from home. We’ve also had judges create programs for virtual bench trials. There is a push among judges to ensure that everyone who works in New York’s legal system gains the technical knowledge needed to use video conferencing for cases. While the process hasn’t been perfect so far, we hope to improve it and see it grow.

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