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Maritime Lawyer in NYC Discusses Fault in Defective Maritime Product Cases

Seafarers on boats, ships, liners, yachts, and other maritime-related vessels are often injured each day. Some of these accidents are caused by breakages or productions of defective maritime products. In the case that a defective marine product leads to an accident or an injury on navigable water or the dock, the injured party can file a claim. Also, the product which leads to an injury must meet the definition of a defective product as per maritime law. The plaintiff needs to hire a competent and reputable lawyer for consultation and to sue the party at fault. The tips below will aid in determining who is at fault in a defective maritime product case and the resulting action that they should take.

Parties Responsible for a Defective Maritime Product

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According to the general maritime law, a manufacturer of a defective product is only held accountable in the event of an accident or injury. Anyone selling any product that is in a poor state and likely to injure the consumer is subject to accountability for any physical harm caused by the product. For one to pursue a claim of strict liability, he or she does not have to be the direct purchaser of the maritime product. As such, a third party injured by a defective product can hold the manufacturer responsible for the injury in a court of law.

Filing for a Strict Liability Claim

Any individual injured by a maritime product only needs to prove that the product that caused the injury had a defect. It is not necessarily a requirement that the accident happened due to negligence if the manufacturer made faulty merchandise available to a consumer. Unfortunately, manufacturers often try to pin the blame on the user of the maritime product, making it difficult for naval workers to hold them answerable. Nonetheless, any individual injured by faulty merchandise should keep in mind that they have legal rights designed for their protection. Thus, hiring an experienced maritime accident lawyer aids the plaintiff in proving their case and obtaining the compensation they fully deserve.

Accidents caused by faulty maritime products can often result in serious or fatal injuries. At Leav & Steinberg LLP, our attorneys have over 17 years of experience in product liability cases. Our services are client-centered, and, as such, we do not charge you any fees until after your case has been won. Contact us today to request your free consultation.