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Understanding School Bus Accident Liability

Both parents and the government consider school buses as safe transport means for schooling children. However, bus accidents happen from time to time and affect dozens of lives in the process. Several questions arise regarding the party liable for the accident, responsible for the medical expenses, and how one can seek financial reimbursement.

After an accident, parents should seek help from an experienced attorney regarding how to file a personal injury claim. Here are essential details of school bus accident liability.

Determining the Party Responsible for the Accident

The back of a school bus

After an accident, investigations take place to determine the cause and the party responsible for the accident. The inspection routine requires that the state finds out whether there was a mechanical problem with the school bus, a traffic infringement, or if the driver was driving under the influence. The injured party should consult with an attorney to learn their rights. They should also involve the doctor who treated their injuries as a potential witness in the event of a court hearing.

Legal Issues Surrounding School Bus Accident Liability

School bus accidents possess particular legal problems different from those involving personal and public vehicle accidents. It is challenging to obtain compensation from the government for misfortune involving a school since district schools benefit from sovereign immunity provided to all government institutions. Hence, it is vital for any parent with a child injured in a school bus accident to hire an experienced attorney to file a lawsuit against the district or school. In most cases, the procedures to file a lawsuit against the government vary. The process mainly entails filing a Notice of Claim with the relevant government institution.

It is vital to file a notice of claim as it informs the entity that one has suffered personal injury or property damage and plans to hold the government accountable by claiming compensation. Additionally, any individual filing a claim should ensure they discuss the case with a lawyer beforehand. If the school bus is owned by a private entity or their employee causes an accident, one does not need to file a Notice of Claim. Instead, one is required to submit third-party insurance or a personal injury lawsuit against the insurance carrier with which the school has covered its vehicles.

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