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Visiting Our Camp Lejeune Clients: A Spotlight on Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin, client of Leav & Steinberg LLP in New York, NY, and his family posing for a portrait on a patio

Knowing your client is the key to success. To make sure we can obtain full justice, Leav & Steinberg LLP is working on behalf of veterans and civilians poisoned at Camp Lejeune by spending time with families, educating others, and learning how we can help.

I post this with great sadness but also with the mindset that this is why I became an attorney — why I chose to help those who have been wronged by others.

My firm has been actively representing military service members and their families who became sick due to toxic water exposure at Camp Lejeune. Many law firms will just post that they are doing this and are happy to be retained. I didn’t think that was the right mindset.

After being retained by several dozen victims, I chose to travel the country and meet with them and their family members to help them better understand our fight and also learn what their suffering has been.

In my travels, I’ve learned that each person’s suffering is unique.

Honoring Military Service Member Joe Griffin

One family I must mention is that of Joe Griffin. Joe was an extraordinary man, husband, father, grandfather, Marine pilot, private pilot, and attorney, having earned his MBA all while raising a wonderful family. Despite his commitment to his country and family – and doing what is right — he was exposed to toxic water at Camp Lejeune, causing non-Hodgkin lymphoma that was diagnosed almost 20 years ago.

But resting after working a full life wasn’t a fit for Joe. He continued working and even held a local government role in a small town in Florida. When the disease progressed, he also developed leukemia. Both conditions have been certified as related to his exposure at Lejeune.

He retained my firm this fall. I was not satisfied with just the intake or documents.

Visiting With the Griffin Family

I traveled to Charlotte two weeks ago to meet with Joe. We had hoped for a meeting at his home in South Carolina. Unfortunately, the day before I arrived, he became ill and was hospitalized with an infection. I spent some time on Friday, September 16th, with him and his wife.

Despite not doing well, he was strong, courageous, and caring. I left, and we shook hands. His wife thanked me, and I walked out, having explained that we would fight for him and keep him updated.

Upon leaving, his wife texted me, “Thank you so much. You are awesome! We are happy we got to meet you. Thanks for all you’re doing for our family.”

Sadly, his medical condition took a turn for the worse, and he was given hospice care a week later, passing away on September 25th, 2022, at 77 years old. His family shared the news with friends and those he served with.

His daughter told me just yesterday, “So many have reached out saying my dad was their hero. He had so many friends and people who loved him. He was the most selfless person and never wanted anyone to fuss over him.”

While Joe was clearly a unique individual worthy of praise, it’s the Joe Griffins of the world that deserve justice. And with the care and attention that Leav & Steinberg LLP will give, we intend to make sure that our military service members receive complete justice.

Serving Those Who Served Us

At Leav & Steinberg LLP, our team of Camp Lejeune attorneys maintains a commitment to not only representing our clients but also honoring their military service outside of the courtroom. Since 1999, we’ve prioritized getting to know all who come to us in their time of need, including the very own Joe Griffin.

If you’re interested in paying a tribute to our military service members, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our Camp Lejeune families.
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