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Tragedy Strikes as a Bronx Drug Den Exploded: FDNY Battalion Chief Killed, 20 Others Injured

Around 7 A.M. this morning, New York’s Bravest responded to a 911 call for an odor of gas in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. It turned out that the home was being used as an illegal marijuana grow house. The house exploded causing flying debris to strike an FDNY Batallion Chief, mortally wounding him. The 17-year fire veteran leaves behind a wife and three children.

Also injured in the blast were nine firefighters, six police officers, three ConEd workers, and two civilians.

The owner of the house rather inexplicably states that he knew little about the renters and what they were doing; he claims that no one told him an illegal drug operation was being run from his property. Neighbors profess that there were shady things going on at the property which was always surrounded by luxury cars, unlike in years past, when college kids would rent the property.

Reports indicate that the blast could be felt three-blocks away. Police have since made an arrest in connection with blast and precipitating activities taking place in the house. It seems that someone is responsible for this accident.

Leav & Steinberg has successfully represented a family who was struck by the tragedy of a home explosion which occurred in Suffolk County several years ago. An action was maintained against those responsible for causing the dangerous condition which led to the devastating events, as well as those responsible for the ownership, and maintenance of the premises.