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The Different Forms of Nursing Home Neglect

Though everyone hopes that their loved ones are receiving quality care, many nursing home residents experience some form of neglect. According to several sources, about five million cases of elder abuse happen each year. Not all of these occur in nursing homes, but understanding different types of nursing home neglect can help you spot the signs of abuse and talk to your loved one about it.


Senior woman with their caregiver at home

Abandonment occurs when the nursing home employee who is responsible for caring for a resident deserts them. This can mean that they are not making the necessary amount of visits to the resident’s room. Abandonment can also include leaving a resident alone in a common area when they should be monitored more closely. This form of neglect defeats the purpose of placing a loved one in assisted living because it denies them the care they need. When you visit your loved one, keep an eye on how many employees you see helping residents.

General Neglect

Nursing home neglect can take many different forms. There may be grounds for a lawsuit if the staff fails to do the following:

  • Maintain a clean living area
  • Help residents maintain their personal hygiene
  • Attend to the complaints residents make
  • Regularly clean each resident’s living area
  • Provide care without physically or emotionally abusing residents

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Even if you frequently visit your loved one, you can’t be with them in the nursing home at all times. Being able to spot the signs of abuse can make it easier to ask your loved one about how they’re being treated. Things to look out for include:

    • Sudden weight loss
    • Bedsores
    • Unexplained injuries or bruises
    • Changes in their behavior or overall hygiene
    • A noticeable lack of interaction between your loved one and the nursing home staff or other residents

If you think that your loved one has suffered from or is currently experiencing nursing home neglect, the attorneys at Leav & Steinberg LLP can help. We will review the details of your case to determine if there is enough evidence to go to court. Once a lawsuit is in progress, you will be able to contact your lawyer for updates at your convenience. We’ve worked with many clients in New York City and the rest of the Tri-state area to help protect their rights. To schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys, call 212-766-5222.