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Balcony Railing Failed Its Purpose to Protect From Falling

New York is known for its high-rise apartment buildings. Whether the building has apartments or condominiums, tenants expect plumping, heating, cooling, and other parts of the building to be kept in good repair. One part of an apartment that dwellers expect to be solid is their balcony. On Thursday August 1, 2013, a woman fell … Read more

Being Chauffeured by Rosie the Robot

Would a car accident involving a driverless car be covered by New York’s no-fault insurance law? (N.Y. ISC Law § 5103) What if a car could drive itself? You could read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal from the driver’s seat or work on your personal computer while HAL drives you to work. … Read more

Walking Through New York

Subways and taxis are common ways to get around New York City. But an ever more common and older method of transportation is walking. There are sidewalks throughout Manhattan and the boroughs. And on these sidewalks are many pedestrians walking to various destinations. The City of New York Parks & Recreation department has a program … Read more

Claims Against The Federal Government

The doctrine of sovereign immunity dates back quite some time. Essentially, the doctrine states that you cannot sue the government. Fortunately, Congress passed the Federal Tort Claims Act, where the federal government agreed to waive sovereign immunity in certain types of cases, particularly those against federal employees acting within the scope of their employment. Allowing … Read more