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NJ Transit Bus Rear-Ends School Bus in Lincoln Tunnel Results in Dozens of Injuries

On June 10, 2015, at 9:35AM, in the Manhattan-bound tube of the Lincoln Tunnel, a NJ Transit bus carrying 60 people rear-ended a privately owned charter bus carrying middle-school students going on a class sightseeing trip. Passengers on the NJ Transit bus described the impact as heavy and violent, as the NJ Transit bus driver traveling 30 miles per hour plowed into the rear of the school charter bus which was stopped in traffic. On scene reports tell that the NJ Transit bus driver wasn’t paying attention as he hurdled towards stopped vehicles.

Commuters were instantly screaming, and scrambling to help others following the impact. First responders needed to saw open the door of the NJ transit bus.

The accident shut-down the center tube of traffic as injured passengers, and a pregnant woman in labor needed to be evacuated for medical treatment. Numerous passengers were screaming of pain as they hit their faces, and had their bodies jolted following the impact. Many people were bloodied from the impact and others complained that they suffered broken noses. Passengers described the violent impact and chaotic scene as first responders were on scene. 4 people were taken from the scene on stretchers, with 21 people being taken to Bellevue Hospital.

Attorneys from Leav & Steinberg specialize in defending the rights of injured people following accidents that were caused by the negligence of others. In fact, we successfully litigated and settled a case last year that involved a multiple bus accident that occurred in the Lincoln Tunnel. The plaintiff in that action was a bus passenger who suffered a laceration to his chin and injuries to his jaw.