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New York Hotels Affected by Safety Recall of all Drop-Side Cribs

The New York products liability attorneys at our firm are always monitoring the changes in laws affecting those who are injured. We follow the changes in many areas including those that affect the safety of our children. At home and while traveling, nothing comes before ensuring that our young children are protected. For many years, drop-side cribs were very popular as they allowed the parent or guardian to easily lift the child from the crib.

However, earlier in the year, Graco as well as other manufacturers recalled these cribs due to several deaths that occurred when the infants were stuck in the movable side of the crib.

Today the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC) has taken a closer look at the history and dangers and finally decided to ban the sale of drop-side cribs permanently. According to the CPSC records, 32 infants have died as a result of this danger in the past ten year period. 14 additional deaths are suspected as well. The unanimous decision of the CPSC states that it will be illegal to manufacture, sell or resale the cribs. Of additional importance towards the safety while traveling and at hotels or resorts, the CPSC has set a two year time frame for these businesses to stop using them. So though, it will be illegal after 2012, we strongly recommend that all parents find suitable and safe cribs when traveling with their young children and if a drop side crib is all that is available, please make sure its not from the various brand of millions of drop-side cribs recalled over the past few years.

The responsibility in New York for premises liability is based upon the an obligation and duty of the owners of property to maintain their premises and their furniture in a reasonably safe manner.

Leav & Steinberg, LLP recently represented a woman who was seriously injured while staying at a New York Hotel when defective carpet caused the nail tacking to come up puncturing her foot and causing permanent injuries.


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By Edward A. Steinberg