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Leav & Steinberg Welcomes New Summer Intern

Why I Want to Work at Leav & Steinberg

Leav & Steinberg law firm summer intern photograph

This summer, I chose to intern with Leav & Steinberg to gain exposure in the legal field! I am currently a rising senior at Duke University majoring in Mechanical Engineering planning on going to law school. Although engineering seems like a wide leap from the field of law, they can actually be quite connected and certainly are at Leav & Steinberg. 

Already in my few weeks here, I have found my abilities to comprehend scientific language and even understand basic physics principles useful in personal injury law! Thus, by combining the law with my past experience, this internship is the perfect fit for me. With the most supportive staff and interesting range of cases, I hope to encounter more firms like Leav & Steinberg throughout my career.