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Leav & Steinberg urges everyone to step up and protect Civil Rights-Help fight against HR 1215

Though our country has gone through a turbulent time with the recent election, we understand that many have become frustrated and upset with even discussing the topic of government and politics.  However, it has come to our attention that certain elected government officials have put forth a bill which would severely curtail the rights of all citizens and reduce our access to the Court system as well as the right to receive fair and adequate damages for serious injuries.

This week, the House will vote on a number of bills that will make it difficult for accident victims to seek justice in our nation’s courts. If these bills pass, it will make it nearly impossible for Americans, who are injured in accidents, and their families to pursue legal action. The so-called “Protection Access to Care Act of 2017” [H.R. 1215] will rig the system against us by allowing insurance companies and big corporations to prevail.

You can view the details of the bill by clicking on   HR 1215 Bill.   As you will note, the bill, sponsored by big business and the insurance lobby, sets a cap of $250,000 for all claims of pain and suffering for any person bringing a Health Care Lawsuit.  Such a lawsuit will include all claims of medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and any other claim involving any other health care provider.  If we stop for just one moment and think about this.  An elderly woman who is caused to sustain serious and permanent bed sores while in a Nursing home and suffers for 2 years in awful pain, undergoing debridement (scraping of the necrotic skin) procedures will be limited to $250,000.00 in damages.  A child who suffers a loss of oxygen due to delay and error by the doctor and nurses while being delivered and is rendered handicapped and special needs for the rest of their life; will be limited to $250,000 for their pain and suffering.

The entities being protected by this bill are large corporations, insurance companies and those who commit medical errors.  In fact, Texas has a cap limit on damages similar to that being proposed here.  Sadly, several doctors have gone to practice in Texas after having lost their license or suspended in other states because they know the damages limit will reduce the chance that any attorney will take a claim against them.   Click here to read about Dr. Chris Duntsch a neuro surgeon who left patients maimed or paralyzed with no consequence.

If you don’t want Congress to take away your right to a jury trial to hold the parties that harmed you or your loved ones accountable, you need to take action NOW. You need to call your elected officials in Washington to stand up for your rights and vote NO on this offensive bill. Without your voice and fight, you cannot preserve your rights to access the civil justice system. It will take only a few minutes to click on the links below to tell your representatives to demand that Congress say no to the attacks on our rights to a trial by jury:

• Lawsuit Abuse Week:
• Class Actions:
• Medical Malpractice:

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