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Eight Dangerous Spots in NYC for Pedestrians and Cyclists

Different areas in New York City pose risks to both pedestrians and cyclists, and these people can be seriously injured if they’re in accidents with cars. Elevated intersections with bridges and subways are especially dangerous compared to regular streets, and—in the past five years—about 238 crashes involving cyclists and pedestrians have been reported at intersections. The streets of New York City often have a heavy concentration of vehicles at any given time, but areas under or around bridges are likely to have low visibility. As you cross these areas either on foot or on your bicycle, try to be extra cautious.

Mitigating Accident Risks

A biker riding on a bridge
Mayor de Blasio set in motion the Green Wave, a $58.4 million bike safety plan to reduce the risk of accidents at these intersections. The project included new protected bike lanes to expand the city’s bike safety network. Redesigning dangerous intersections and creating efficient stoplight patterns are also part of the plan to protect riders.

Dangerous Spots in NYC

Using data from 2014 to 2018, has identified the following risk spots for road users:

  • Sixth Avenue and West 3rd Street
  • East 13th Street and Third Avenue
  • Tillary Street and Jay Street
  • Grand Street and Graham Avenue
  • Myrtle Avenue and Jay Street
  • Chrystie Street and Delancey Street
  • St. Nicholas Avenue and West 141st Street
  • East Houston Street and Allen Street

Third Avenue, for example, has eight lanes for cars but none for bikes. These dangerous corridors are products of antiquated transportation decisions that only considered automobiles. Besides redesigning these roads, breaking car culture can also help to protect cyclists in NYC. If you get injured in an accident with a car, call a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit that can help you receive compensation.

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