Construction Accidents

Construction and demolition workers are entitled to a safe work environment, proper training, and properly functioning equipment. Building owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and employers may be liable both to workers and also to the public when a construction or demolition accident occurs. Given the nature of the work, the State of New York has created laws and rules that govern how owners and General Contractors of construction sites must maintain a safe work environment. Under the Labor Law Section 240 (1) any owner or contractor must provide adequate safety equipment for those workers working at any elevated area such as a scaffold, trench, pit, ladder, roof. Any failure to provide an adequate worksite that causes a worker to fall from a height may impose absolute liability under New York State law. Full investigation of construction accidents at the earliest possible time is vital to successful prosecution of such cases.

Due to the physical nature of their work, construction and demolition workers have greater difficulty returning to their pre-accident status and regaining their ability to earn a livelihood. Construction and demolition workers should scrutinize and consider refusing releases or money offered in exchange for their promise to limit their rights after an accident until they speak with an experienced attorney. Injured workers may be legally entitled to recover monetary damages for their injuries, pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses that arise from an on the job injury.

Common Types of Construction Accident Cases Include:

  • Crane Accidents
  • Failure to comply with Labor Law
  • Broken or Malfunctioning Tools
  • Scaffolding and Ladders
  • Nerve Damage
  • Exposure to Hazardous or Toxic Materials
  • Slips, Trips, Falls on a construction site
  • Broken Handrails or Stairs
  • Falling Objects
  • Wrongful Death
  • Injuries using delivery trucks, cranes, high-low’s
Case Results

$2,500,000 Settlement: obtained for 58 year old site supervisor who was injured falling from a defective ladder during the course of demolition work. Plaintiff sustained severe lower leg fractures and underwent numerous surgical procedures.

$2,450,000 Settlement : for electrician who fell off a ladder while installing high hats in an overhang. He sustained a tear of the right flexor hallucis longus muscle, tear of the right tibialis posterior tendon, tear of the right flexor digitorum longus tendon, lumbar spine herniations, thoracic spine bulges, among other injuries.

Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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