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Andy Grove: business genius and trying to put his thoughts to use at a Law Firm

With the growth of our law practice over the last 17 years, providing exceptional customer service has becoming our overriding focus.  With trained attorney’s and unlimited resources we have been able to provide client’s with exceptional lawyering.  However, many law firms forget that its the client who hires us and if we don’t give customer service that is on par with our reputation, we will fail miserably.

Former CEO of Intel, Andy Grove passed away last month on March 21st.

He has always been known as an awesome business leader and a great mind.  I read that many executives read one of his books called “High Output Management” and said it changed their business strategy forever.  I took it upon myself to buy the book (hardcover, not getting this one for the Ipad) and have been reading it slowly and taking notes.  My initial take is that we must look for the inefficiencies in our business and find ways to cut them out.

Immediately I was reminded that having a functional, useful, relational case management system is an essential tool.  We use LexPI and it has worked well.  It allows our front reception to immediately locate a client calling and assign that to the correct attorney/paralegal team.  In addition, if a staff member is on the phone with an adversary, the system allows us to see what other matters we have with that adversary.  The same is true when speaking with an insurance adjuster or preparing for a court hearing.  The ability to have instant information has allowed our staff to provide client’s with customer service at a level that is bar none in our industry.   In addition, it has cut out one great inefficiency that has existed; we can speak with our client’s or adversaries, and have available at our fingertips all the information on the entire case and even other related matters that might be open for discussion.