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A Closer Look at Bone Fractures and Breaks

Broken bones are a common injury in a variety of accidents, and victims often face pain, discomfort, and mobility issues during the healing process. The terms “fracture” and “break” can be used interchangeably to describe a wide range of injuries, from minor cracks to serious wounds that break the skin. Here’s a more detailed look at what happens when a bone breaks.

Broken Bone Symptoms

A medical professional examining a bone fracture

Intense pain, tenderness, and swelling are all very common symptoms that may indicate a broken bone. Major bone breaks from events like car accidents or construction accidents are almost always immediately obvious—an arm or leg will be bent unnaturally, or pieces of the broken bone will break through the skin. Less severe breaks may only present as a small bump, while minor bone cracks and stress fractures may show no visible signs at all.

Types of Fractures and Breaks

Broken bones that break the skin are known as open or compound fractures, while breaks that do not are called closed fractures. A complete fracture occurs when a bone has completely broken into two or more pieces, and if there’s a gap between the pieces, it’s known as a displaced fracture and will likely require surgery. Partial fractures and stress fractures describe bones that are only partially broken or cracked.

The Healing Process

The healing process depends largely on the type of injury and its location and severity. In many cases, patients receive a splint or cast on the injured area to protect the damaged bone and stop it from moving as it heals. If necessary, a doctor may also need to reset the bone to its original position before applying a splint or cast. If the bone can’t naturally be held in the proper position, surgery may be required to rejoin the pieces.

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