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What If a Coworker Caused My Injury?

After an injury on the job caused by a coworker, you can seek more than just workers’ compensation to cover your damages. Accidents happen, and whether a particular industry is known to be hazardous or not, injured workers are entitled to compensation following another party’s negligent actions.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

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To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in New York, a workplace injury must occur. Injuries can be labeled as work-related if they happen while at work or while performing your job duties. These injuries don’t necessarily have to involve negligence—they just need to be work-related. Workers’ compensation benefits can cover medical bills, lost wages, and additional out-of-pocket expenses imposed by the injury.

Can You Hold Your Negligent Coworker Liable?

When the actions of another employee cause work injuries, the injured party can sue for full compensation for their injuries, given that workers’ compensation is limited to the damages it can pay for. You may opt to hold your coworker liable for your injuries because an error they made contributed to the accident.

Suing for Non-Work-Related Injuries

Some accidents that happen at work may be completely unrelated to the work itself but can still stand up in court. If you decide to seek legal action against your coworker, your personal injury lawyer will likely inform you of the following scenarios, which are not typically covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Altercations between coworkers
  • Injuries sustained during lunch breaks
  • Horseplay

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