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New York Legal Assistance Task Force For Hurricane Harvey Relief


The New York State Unified Court System recently announced the creation and mobilization of a “Volunteer Task Force” of New York based attorneys and court system employees to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and aid in their recovery efforts.

The Texas Supreme Court has issued an emergency order that allows out of state attorneys to provide assistance to storm victims through Legal Aid, Pro Bono, and Bar Association programs. The goal is to provide affected Texans free assistance with filing insurance claims, applying for FEMA benefits, satisfying mortgage obligations, and many other pressing legal issues.

Along with the volunteer attorneys, New York State Court System employees are also moving to assist the Houston Court System in reestablishing record systems, telecommunications, I.T. systems, and all other logistical aspects vital to running one of the busiest court systems in the country. Uniformed Court Officers are also doing their part and joining the task force in an effort to relieve their beleaguered Houston based counter parts, and provide them the opportunity to tend to their own hurricane related issues.

The city of Houston and its surrounding suburbs make up the fourth largest population center in the United States. Millions of people were affected by this disaster and they need as much help, support, and compassion as we can give. As a person who has lived through many hurricanes, including Hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, and Sandy I know firsthand how devastating a storm of this magnitude can be, and just how daunting the prospect of recovery can be. This is why I am thrilled to see the New York State Court System proactively supporting the victims of this tragedy, and I know that their assistance will be greatly appreciated by members of the Houston community.