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L&S Personal Injury Attorneys Win Over $4 Million in Settlements to Start Off 2024!

We are pleased to announce that 2024 is off to a great start with several settlements for our clients. The results were a team effort, stemming from the work of our attorneys and speaking to our firm’s principle of taking on cases of all varieties. 

Since the inception of Leav & Steinberg LLP, our firm has tried challenging personal injury cases, many of which were rejected by other firms or otherwise turned down. Our passion is to help clients, even when their cases might present challenges. Our principle of putting the client’s interests first, no matter how difficult their case, has given us both the experience and reputation that results in better settlements for the clients and builds their trust in our firm, not just to talk the talk but walk the walk.   

As you will see in the following settlements, we have experience recovering significant settlements, even when cases present complex challenges. 

$3 Million Recovered for Woman Injured at Construction Site 

Our client, a woman in her 50s, was working as a laborer on the project site to build a new 2nd Avenue Subway line near 96th Street. While preparing to pour a concrete slab, she went to secure a bolt when she stepped on a shoring that had been wet from rain that occurred the day before. As our client ascended the scaffolding required by her work duties, her right foot slipped, and she fell backward off the raised scaffolding onto several 2x4s placed on the ground. 

This was a tough case, stemming from whether she was even off the ground when she lost her footing on the shoring and whether her prior medical care for some of the similar body parts claimed injured in our case was, in fact, made worse because of our accident. These factors initially caused the MTA to offer $300k as a settlement. 

The original attorney referred the client to our office, as he knew our work ethic, commitment, and experience would allow us to position the case for the best possible outcome. We completed the depositions, made an affirmative motion to win the liability (pending at the time of the settlement), and personally met with her treating doctor to better understand how this accident had worsened her condition.

Our New York personal injury attorneys and staff fought hard to make sure our client saw an adequate settlement that considered the injuries she faced. These several surgeries resulted in lost wages incurred and the emotional toll caused by the accident. 

We are happy to have helped our client recover from a complex construction accident case

$800k Recovered for Woman Who Slipped Down Staircase 

In 2019, our client, then in her late 20s, was descending the stairs from the fourth floor to the third floor in a Brooklyn apartment building when she slipped on vomit that had been left on the staircase. Our analysis showed that despite the vomit, a safety hazard, the stairs had an “irregular rise height” and handrails out of compliance with the New York building safety code. 

Our client suffered several fractures to her ankle, which had to be treated shortly after the accident with a very complex surgery. Aside from the surgery and emotional damage that our client suffered in this accident, she also required a leg splint for some time and was unable to use her injured leg. 

Early on, the incident report had the facts wrong. Our office could not only confirm the facts of the accident with witnesses but also speak with and verify that the EMS technicians who arrived on the scene had taken the correct facts, which helped to prove our client was credible. This work of “winning at the intake” was done by Partner Daniela Henriques, who always tries to make sure we win the case and position it to be successful.  

Where some lawyers might have rejected this case (due to the cause being vomit, which is challenging to place liability for), the team of accident attorneys at Leav & Steinberg was able to take the steps necessary for this client to recover. 

$175k Arbitration Award Where Our Client Rear-Ended Another Car 

Many people think that when a driver rear-ends a car, they are always considered at fault. For this reason, many lawyers will reject cases where the driver of a vehicle is responsible for “rear-ending” another and becomes injured. Our client, a 62-year-old woman, was driving down the Long Island Expressway on a snowy day when she unfortunately was put in that position. 

As our client drove down the expressway, a car was stopped and out of commission in a moving lane. In this instance, the stopped car negligently failed to put any hazard lights on or take any precaution in getting the car out of the roadway. With snow on the road, our client could not stop when she noticed the stopped car and effectively rear-ended it. 

In the litigation process, the attorneys at Leav & Steinberg positioned this case for binding arbitration, where a neutral retired Judge would evaluate the facts, listen to testimony, and decide what happened. Partner Ricardo Martinez was able to get the arbitrator to see the truth of what happened, and the decision rendered our client free from any responsibility and awarded damages to compensate her for the injuries fully.   

This accident caused our client injury to her right wrist, which doctors treated over the next few months after the accident. It isn’t often that clients in a car that rear-ended another can recover, but thanks to the work of our team of transportation accident attorneys, our client’s case was successful. 

$300k Settlement for Client Struck by School Bus at Intersection

When our client, a 27-year-old man driving a water beverage truck, approached an intersection, the light was already yellow. Coming from the intersecting street was a school bus driver doing a “dry run” before the school year started. She had what she claimed was a green arrow and thus claimed our truck driver had proceeded through a red traffic signal.   

The defendant, the driver of what is colloquially known as a “short bus,” negligently made a wide left turn before she had the right of way to do so, allegedly. Our client was traveling straight through the intersection when the bus crossed his path during the turn. Our client tried to swerve right but did not have a chance to avoid an accident.  

What was truly good work at the firm started with our belief in the client and the case. The initial national law firm (yes, either Morgan & Morgan or the former Cellino & Barnes), which claimed to understand New York cases, did not give the case the attention and commitment it needed. Despite the client needing spinal surgery, they were not sure how they would prove their case.  

Thanks to the team of Edward Steinberg and Daniel Leav, they both positioned the case to prove that the defendant’s version was not accurate and that she did bear responsibility for the accident. Furthermore, Mr. Leav proceeded to trial when they made no offer and, after picking the jury, secured a recovery for the client that would allow him to have the compensation he deserved.  

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