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Leav & Steinberg, LLP begins 2020- resolving through settlement or arbitration; 21 matters for $5.2 million dollars

Beginning in 2020, all of us here at Leav & Steinberg, LLP made a promise to our clients: With excellent lawyering and exceptional customer service, Leav & Steinberg will continue to be one of the premier firms in New York. While many firm in New York and across the country, find January to be particularly slow, our firm has continued where we left off in 2019; always prepared to go to trial and only when the  provides complete justice for our clients.

Here are just a few highlights of matters resolved this month:

$1,435,000 for a man who had to undergo spinal surgery after a car accident- the defendant challenged whether his injuries were related or serious

$900,000 for a 68 year-old man who had back and head injuries after falling from a ladder; no loss wages were claimed and he underwent no surgery

$750,000 for a woman who fell at a New York restaurant when the hostess area was over-crowded and she stepped back onto the staircase; which lacked railings

$300,000 for a 63 year-old tourist who fell and injured her knees at a food market in New York, when after a snow storm and wetness tracked in she was knocked down by an employee who slipped on the tracked in condition

$65,000 for a woman who fell on a wet New York City Subway stair which was not properly cleaned.

$40,000 arbitration award for a man who was rear ended by a car with back injuries but only had 9 doctor visits and the defense offer was $4,000.00

The list goes on.  But as is reflective above, unlike many firms, we pride ourselves on taking on difficult and challenging matters; not just the open and shut case.  Furthermore, due to our infrastructure and use of technology we are able to give every client the utmost and attention necessary to maximize their recovery.

We look forward to a successful year and continuing to provide excellent lawyering and exceptional customer service.