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Bronx Students, Department of Education Staff, and Others Who Were Around The Bronx New School (P.S. 51X) Exposed to Toxic Chemical

A toxic chemical, TCE (trichloroethylene), was found at excessive levels in the air inside and the soil around The Bronx New School (X051-also known as P.S. 51X). Testing for the chemical was performed in July 2011 and the following letter, dated August 29, 2011, was sent to former families and staff who may have been present at this school at 3200 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York:

TCE has been linked to a plethora of problems with those who were exposed, including but not limited to: headache, dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, fatigue, nausea, unconsciousness, respiratory and circulatory depression and irritation, cardiac dysfunction, cancer of the kidney, liver, and esophagus, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, adverse effects on female reproductive system and fetal development, and even death.

The website listed in the letter includes links to the July testing report, a TCE fact sheet, information on the new location for the school, and an August indoor air quality report for the new building, among other things.

If you think you were exposed to TCE, you should consider a medical examination with your physician. Keep in mind that there are pre-conditions and time limitations for filing a lawsuit against a public authority, such as the Department of Education. A failure to abide by these restrictions may result in a complete bar to your compensation for personal injuries sustained as a result of TCE exposure.