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The New York State Trial Lawyers Association Thanks Edward Steinberg with a Letter of Appreciation

During 2020, Edward Steinberg, a partner here at Leav & Steinberg, served as the President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA). They thanked him for his efforts by sending a personalized letter.

The NYSTLA’s Letter in Its Entirety:

Headshot of Edward Steinberg, partner at Leav and Steinberg LLP and president of the NYSTLA

“On behalf of Leav & Steinberg LLP, a very sincere note of appreciation to Edward A. Steinberg for his tenure as the 53rd President of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Steinberg presided over perhaps the most tumultuous year in the history of New York State’s civil justice system that included a global pandemic and the complete shutdown of the court system.

Mr. Steinberg worked tirelessly for untold hours in coordination with the Office of Court Administration in an effort to assure that the wrongfully injured would have full access to the civil justice system. Mr. Steinberg spoke, attended Zoom calls, and participated in regular email communication with State Congressmen and Congresswomen, Senators, NYSTLA members, and any person or organization who would hear him passionately advocate for victims’ rights. It was through his leadership that NYSTLA was able to have several pro-justice bills signed by the legislature during his tenure. Amazingly, Mr. Steinberg also continued to stay actively involved in the daily operation of Leav & Steinberg, where he and his team of personal injury lawyers continued his zealous advocacy on behalf of his own clients. We are extremely proud of Edward Steinberg, and we sincerely thank him for his leadership during this unprecedented time.”

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