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Social Security Disability: How to Secure Benefits after a Serious Injury

In New York, people who suffer injuries in automotive accidents can file claims for insurance reimbursement regardless of who caused the collision. Additionally, some may also qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD). The process of getting those benefits can often be complex and confusing. The information below will help guide you through the process.

Understanding the Qualifications for Social Security Disability Benefits

Front end of car and headlights damaged after car accident

To qualify for SSD benefits, you must meet certain specifications set forth by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These qualifications include:

  • Severe mental or physical impairments expected to last 12 months or longer
  • Inability to earn more than a certain amount of income per year at work or in another “substantial gainful activity”
  • Inability to perform the same job duties you did in the past
  • Inability to perform a less demanding job than your previous position

Common Types of Injuries That Qualify People for SSD Benefits

Many people who suffer injuries in car accidents and motorcycle accidents qualify for SSD benefits. Common injuries that lead to SSD claims include:

  • Broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis
  • Serious burns

You may also qualify for SSD benefits if you suffered injuries due to a traumatic brain injury, such as a speech impairment or vision loss.

How to Apply for SSD Benefits

The SSD application process takes a long time and requires a lot of information, some of which may be difficult to provide. The SSA offers an online application for SSD benefits, and you must include every detail listed in the application. If you accidentally miss a section or provide incorrect information, your application may be rejected.

How Leav & Steinberg LLP Can Help You

The SSA is notoriously difficult to deal with, and they often reject initial applications. Made up of some of the best personal injury attorneys in New York, New York the Leav & Steinberg LLP team can help you determine if you qualify for SSD benefits and assist you in seeking those benefits.

If you suffered a serious injury and feel you may qualify for SSD, contact Leav & Steinberg LLP today at 212-766-5222 to learn more about the Social Security Disability process.