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Matthew Cohen—Why I wanted to work at L&S

Leav & Steinberg summer intern Matt Cohen

After completing my first year of law school, I wanted to take the next step and learn what it is like to really be a litigator.  At Leav & Steinberg, every attorney and staff member is willing to go out of their way to bring me along with them when they feel there may be an opportunity for a law student like myself to gain valuable insight into the life of an attorney.    

Through only a couple weeks, I have already gotten to prepare motions, attend depositions, and learn about how litigators truly operate.  In my first year of law school, I learned much about the foundations of the law and the legal process.  Here at Leav & Steinberg, I can expand my knowledge of the law outside the classroom and into the real-world.  And most importantly, at Leav & Steinberg I can do what I love to do while also assisting the firm in their mission: help people who were wronged.