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Lawsuit Process for Car Accidents vs. Truck Accidents

Grafitti'd truck parked on a street in New York CityIn auto accidents, victims can suffer various types of injuries and property damage, depending on the magnitude of the impact. Because commercial trucks are so large, accidents involving 18-wheelers tend to be more severe. Therefore, truck and car operators carry different responsibilities in road safety, so drivers should understand the different legal procedures. Here is a comparison of the processes for truck accidents and car accidents.

Causes of Car Accidents and Truck Accidents

Car accidents typically occur when one or more of the drivers don’t pay attention because of texting, rubbernecking, or another distraction. However, there are usually other elements involved in accidents with 18-wheelers. These trucks have large blind spots that limit the driver’s sight. Also, the cargo an 18-wheeler is hauling can affect its ability to slow down. This means that commercial truck drivers have to take extra precautions to keep everyone else on the road safe.

Insurance and Compensation Policies

Most accidents between cars are relatively minor, and the at-fault party’s insurance provider will often cover the cost of repairs. The vast majority of these cases don’t go to court because paying the legal fees would be more expensive than the cost of the settlement. Though trucking companies have sizable insurance policies, they may hire a lawyer to avoid paying compensation to the victims of an accident. There are several other parties whose negligence could have caused the accident, such as the distribution center for improperly securing the truck’s cargo or a weigh station operator for allowing the truck to drive with an overweight load. The trucking company will often attempt to find fault among one of these external parties.

Determining the At-Fault Party

Because the liability for an accident with an 18-wheeler can fall on more than one party, an auto accident attorney should look into various factors, such as the number of hours the driver spent on the road without resting, the inspection status of the truck, and if the driver has a valid commercial driver’s license.

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