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Edward Steinberg to chair and speak at NYSTLA Seminar-June 16th, 2016

On June 16th, 2016, founding partner Edward Steinberg will be chairing and speaking at the New York State Trial Lawyers Association (NYSTLA) seminar on building and growing a law firm. Mr. Steinberg has been on the Board of Directors of NYSTLA for 6 years now and a member for almost 20 years.

The seminar will be held at NYSTLA’s headquarters at 132 Nassau Street, in New York City from 6-9 PM. The matter has been certified as CLE qualified and those attending will receive 3 credits. In addition the seminar can be viewed on DVD and purchased on CD as well. Click here for a link to the seminar and registration material.

Mr. Steinberg will lead the discussion of how one can properly and successfully build a law practice. Given that Leav & Steinberg, LLP was founded over 17 years ago by Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Leav alone and has grown into a firm with a staff of 24 and having represented over a 1000 clients, Mr. Steinberg has the requisite experience and ideas to help those interested in doing the same. He has also asked several colleagues in the industry to discuss their viewpoint of the defense perspective, the solo perspective and the best consideration for client’s requests for receiving funding while the litigation is pending.

Specifically, Mr. Steinberg’s focus will be on planning for growth, investing in staff, and the benefits of providing customer service as the best source of advertising a firm can have. Finally, he will go into detail of the financial considerations and the importance of monitoring the firm’s financial health.

NYSTLA is the largest most important association in New York State fighting for the rights of injured victims. Routinely NYSTLA and its board are discussing issues important to our clients with members of the legislature. Just this past May, Mr. Steinberg on behalf of NYSTLA was one of several hundred who went to Albany and met with various State assemblymen and senators discussing several critical issues.

We hope that you consider attending or ordering the material.

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