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Leav & Steinberg LLP Is Representing a Family Against CLEI Furniture and Others After a Tragic Accident

A tragic furniture accident led to a woman being paralyzed from the neck down. Leav & Steinberg in New York can help.

As our firm has worked tirelessly over the last 24 years to help those seriously injured in accidents, all our cases are “moving” and “impactful.” Sometimes, however, a case has just a certain set of facts that make our work all the more important.

Inside the Personal Injury Case

Leav & Steinberg, LLP has been retained by a husband and wife who came to visit their daughter and son-in-law, who were having their first child — the client’s first grandchild.

Both parents, doctors who practiced medicine in Iran and had been successful in helping many soldiers and others injured in their home country, have worked tirelessly their whole lives for the benefit of others. They came to New York in October 2021 and stayed at the home of their daughter.

Dangerous furniture mishap

The clients’ children had recently acquired a $25k Murphy Bed/Furniture/Office system manufactured by CLEI Furniture, an Italian-based company. This company had a distribution agreement with a New York-based company, RESOURCE FURNITURE, INC.

The furniture, known as LGM Tavolo, is a modular murphy bed with attached library shelving and desk system. RESOURCE then went to the family home and conducted an inspection to make sure the product was safe and going to be properly installed. RESOURCE then outsourced the installation by hiring an installer, L.F. WOODWORKERS.

The installer, hired by RESOURCE, came and installed this furniture. Several weeks after installation, and while these two parents were sleeping one evening in October 2021, the entire furniture assembly and library shelving component came crashing down on them — causing the wife to be rendered paralyzed from her neck down.

To date, she has undergone surgery and rehabilitation with little progress and very little chance for future improvement.

The Fight for Justice

My firm was retained early on to secure the furniture, conduct an in-depth inspection, and store the entire furniture system. We discovered that there were design, manufacturing, failure to warn, as well as installation errors and negligence.

This product is marketed as safe, useful, and essential for apartments that have small spaces and for those who want to have a bedroom as well as modular office furniture. This matter is pending in Court, and we are seeking complete justice for this family. Our firm, in order to seek justice from CLEI, began this action in New York and served them under the rules of the Hague Convention.

While they were served and appeared at the inspection, CLEI has filed a motion that asks the Court in New York not to allow the case to continue against them; delaying the discovery and depositions, we are seeking; this is all despite their knowledge of the events, their involvement at the inspection and their hiring of New York counsel who asked us and was given the courtesy of an extension of time to answer, provided that they agree to waive jurisdictional defenses.

CLEI and the other parties were all present at the in-depth inspection and had experts present. Yet, it is our understanding that this furniture is still being manufactured, distributed, and sold by the parties.

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